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            Semiconductor Production

            Manufacturing Automation and Control Systems for the Semiconductor Industry

            Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

            With demand for low-cost, high-volume, flexible semiconductor manufacturing, you need leading-edge automation and control solutions that help your customers meet their business and technical goals. To be competitive, you need solutions for both FAB/Facility and Equipment/Material Handling applications that reduce risk, lower costs, and advance technology.

            We help you reduce total cost of ownership by using a single automation infrastructure for the entire range of your semiconductor production equipment applications:

            • Design: Increase speed-to-market and engineering reuse by using open, standards-based automation architecture and programming environment
            • Install: Faster installs and commissioning to specification from an integrated hardware, control software, and networked environment
            • Operate: Increased up-time, OEE, yield, and availability with field-proven, robust, information-enabled hardware, control software, and diagnostic solutions
            • Maintain: Global support, locally, so you can maintain your automation investment at the lowest cost

            Realize faster time-to-money with our reliable, cost-effective solutions.

            Increase Manufacturing Efficiency and Productivity

            How May We Help You?

            Rockwell Automation and our partners offer exceptional industry knowledge to help design, implement, and support your automation investment.