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            Process Solutions

            Maximize Productivity and Help Minimize Risk

            We understand that you face difficult challenges in your industry to achieve your production goals, meet customer demands, and stay ahead of the competition. With more than 100 years of industrial automation experience, we offer a wide range of process solutions to meet your challenges. Our process expertise in batch, process optimization, and safety system solutions and services can help you to accomplish your goals.

            Maximize Operations and Achieve High Availability

            Automate Processes in Your Industry to Fit Your Requirements

            Automating your processes does not have to be a “one-size-fits-all” solution to maintain critical operations in your industry. We offer a wide range of process solutions that apply methods and technology to safeguard your operations, and match your economic and performance requirements. These solutions are scalable, flexible, and easy to integrate. This helps your organization increase productivity, lower costs, reduce energy consumption, and improve safety. Our process expertise can help you improve operational effectiveness and achieve high availability.

            Plant-wide Control and Optimization

            Modern Distributed Control Systems

            A modern distributed control system (DCS) is built using plant-wide control technologies. Today, process control, discrete control, power control, and safety control no longer have to be a choice of separate technologies. Producers can now choose to implement a plant-wide control system.

            The use of common automation technologies enables seamless integration of the modern DCS with plant-floor and business systems, creating more opportunity for plant-wide optimization. This approach improves productivity, lowers energy consumption, and reduces total cost of ownership of a modern DCS. Our PlantPAx system is a key component of The Connected Enterprise, which makes all of this possible.

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            Explore Our DCS Solutions

            Reduce Costs and Increase Production

            Model Predictive Control and Optimization

            For many operations, production and profit margins fluctuate due to material variance, equipment constraints, operator skill set, and changing environmental conditions. Our model predictive control (MPC) technology leverages the Pavilion8? software platform. This technology is an intelligence layer on top of basic automation systems that continuously drives the plant to achieve multiple business objectives.

            Our MPC-based solutions include built-in controller performance metrics. Key indicators such as utilization, time-at constraints, and deviation from target are monitored. These metrics allow product quality, production, and efficiency to be measured directly against MPC utilization and performance.

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            Rockwell Automation garners the most first-place "Best in Control" wins.

            Rockwell Automation garners the most first-place "Best in Control" wins.

            Mitigate Hazards and Risks

            Process Safety Solutions for Your Industry

            The protection of personnel, processes, and the surrounding environment remains a significant part of any automation strategy. Our technology is used in safety and critical control processes in industries throughout the world. We can help you select a standalone or integrated process safety system based on required Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and your project requirements.

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            Reduce Cost, Time, and Risk

            Automate a Batch Control System

            Your diverse batch processing needs require flexibility and reliability to manage workflows and recipes. Our batch solutions are tailored to meet your business and production goals.

            Discover Your Batch Solution

            How May We Help You?

            The Process Solutions team is dedicated to solving our customers’ challenges with innovative solutions. We appreciate your interest and would like to speak with you about your unique application.