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            Electrical Safety

            Arc Containment, Intelligent Components, Personal Safety, and Services

            We offer a broad electrical safety program to help protect against electrical hazards. Our offerings include arc flash containment, intelligent components, and personal safety features. Also available are services to meet global standards. Our products include safety features to help protect equipment and employees, monitor performance, and help reduce unplanned outages and downtime.

            Reduce Exposure to Electrical Hazards

            With the growing need for increased safety in the industrial environment, we have developed ways to continuously mitigate risk while driving performance and reliability. Both CENTERLINE? motor control centers and PowerFlex? 7000 drives provide options to help meet your needs for electrical safety solutions that help protect personnel and equipment

            SecureConnect? technology option is available with CENTERLINE 2100 MCCs and allows operators to disconnect the power from an individual plug-in unit without opening the enclosure door.

            ArcShield? arc resistant enclosures help provide protection in the event of an arc flash. Available on both low and medium voltage CENTERLINE MCCs as well as PowerFlex 7000 medium voltage drives, ArcShield Technology is tested to meet global arc resistant standards including IEEE C37.20.7.

            Safety Motor Control Products

            VFDs with Safety Improve Productivity

            Safety options can help reduce machine downtime and increase productivity. To help you protect both your personnel and equipment, various PowerFlex? drives are available with safety features built-in and as options. The PowerFlex 525 and PowerFlex 527 AC drives include built-in Safe Torque Off as a standard feature. Safe Torque Off and Safe Speed Monitor are optional features for the PowerFlex 753, PowerFlex 755, and PowerFlex 755T drives. PowerFlex 7000 medium voltage drives also support Safe Torque Off options.

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            Arc Flash Analysis Services

            Arc flash services include training, site evaluation, and risk reduction recommendations. An analysis provides a comprehensive approach to help improve the safety of employees working with energized electrical panels.

            Safety Products

            Our safety products improve the functional operation of your machinery and help to increase personnel safety, efficiency, and productivity. We offer one the broadest safety portfolios in the industry. Achieve both safety and productivity goals in process and discrete manufacturing with our solutions.

            Products and Solutions

            • Safety Drives
            • Safety Motion Control
            • Safety Motor Control
            • Safety Programmable Controllers

            Safety Services

            Developments in global safety standards and technologies have made manufacturing safety a powerful tool to optimize production. The implementation of industrial safety standards and technologies can help to improve risk management and reduce injuries. They also provide major improvements in manufacturing productivity, efficiency, and the morale of your employees and customers.

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            How May We Help You?

            As the world leader in industrial automation and safety technologies, we are ready to support you as you develop more efficient, safer, and more productive manufacturing solutions.